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Title: Yoga Nidra Meditation Classes at Long Island Center for Yoga
Sub Title: at the Long Island Center for Yoga in Babylon, Suffolk County, Long Island, New York
Date: January 2, 2014 - December 31, 2015
Time: 7:30 PM   
Location: Long Island Center for Yoga
Street Address: 107 East Main Street
  Babylon, NY 11702
Description: Yoga Nidra Meditation at Long Island Center for Yoga in Babylon, Suffolk County, Long Island, New York.

Thursdays at 7:30PM

The literal translation of Yoga Nidra is Yogic Sleep. It is an ancient form of meditation that will take you into the deepest levels of relaxation while still remaining fully aware. When practicing the Amrit Method of Yoga Nidra, your brainwaves drop into the alpha and theta state. As you progressively enter deeper and subtler brain waives you become more relaxed, integrated, expansive and present. Eventually, you completely shift out of identification with the body, mind and ego. In this deep state beyond ordinary waking consciousness, you naturally re-align with spirit, allowing you to effortlessly disengage from restrictive physical, mental and emotional patterning. Here, you are free to create a life that is an expression of higher consciousness, rather than acquired conditioning.
Yoga Nidra Addresses the Root of All Problems

"You cannot solve a problem with the same mind that created it." - Albert Einstein

Most of us are trying to solve our problems with the same mind that created them. Instead, Yoga Nidra helps you find solutions by transcending the linear dinmension of logic, reason, and memory. In Yoga Nidra, shifts arise from spirit (consciousness) which exists beyond the confines of intellect.

In the linear approach, a rope wrapped a hundred times around a post would require being unwound a hundred times in the opposite direction. Yoga Nidra burns the rope rather than unwinding it. It allows you to relsove karmic patterns by going directly to the root of self-destructive fears, beliefs and habits to regain freedom.

Alleviate the Cause of Stress
Stress arises when we are so attached to our idea of how things "should" be that we cannot allow things to be as they are. From something as simple as how we "should" look to how the environment "should" be protected, we let our resistance to "what is" cause us to feel stress. In Yoga Nidra, we relax enough to let go of expectations and demands about how things "should" be. Our resistances to life progressively dissolve. We are at peace with more things more of the time.

Awaken Your Inner Healer
Yoga Nidra awakens the mystical, integrative power of the third eye. Stimulation of the third eye, which corresponds to the pineal gland, increases the production of melatonin, known to yogis as Amrit. This natural hormone helps:

- Eliminate stress
- Induce restful sleep
- Prevent premature aging
- Reduce high blood pressure
- Boost the immune system

What Can Yoga Nidra Do for Me?
Through the practice of the Amrit method of Yoga Nidra, you can:

- Promote the healing of disease, lower blood pressure, reduce stress, boost the immune system, and slow the aging process
-Awaken the power of the third eye where visions become reality, giving you direct access to extraordinary powers of inuition, creativity, health and abundance
- Free yourself from old karmic patterns with speed and ease through pure energetic release rather than from hard work and struggle
-Reconnect to the source of your own power, manifesting a l ife that is consistent with your highest truth

Drishtis = Gaze
Draws the mind in the proper direction for a particular asana; building concentration and helping control the mind. Tip of nose, thumb, navel, towards the sky, hands, toes far left/right, spot on the floor or wall.

Pranayama = Breathing
Yogic breathing; helps stabilize the mind; promoted life and metabolism. Ujjayi breath breathing in and out of the nose, longer exhalation. Fire breath breathing in through the nose and out the mouth, forced exhalation.

Prana is the life force that sustains the body and the earth. Within yoga, prana is described as a river that flows through the landscape of the body and all creation. Prana is the breath of the universe; creation and life; the soul.

Savasana = Relaxation
Complete surrender of mind and body; hardest pose to achieve; experience of profound inner peace and silence.

About Long Island Center for Yoga
Long Island Center for Yoga is a yoga studio located in Babylon, Long Island, New York, offering a variety of yoga classes, tai chi, meditation, as well as regular workshops and seminars. The Yoga Center offers a warm and welcoming environment for all levels of practitioners from beginner to experienced. Private classes are available upon request.

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Contact: 631-893-5445

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