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Title: Sweetbriar Nature Center Educational Programs Elementary School Grades 2-4
Sub Title: at the Sweetbriar Nature Center, Smithtown, New York
Date: September 14, 2012 - December 31, 2012
Time: Varies   
Admission:Call 631-979-6344 for dates, times and fees.
Location: Sweetbriar Nature Center
Street Address: 62 Eckernkamp Drive
  Smithtown, NY 11787
Description: Sweetbriar Nature Center Educational Programs Elementary School Grades 2-4 at the Sweetbriar Nature Center, Smithtown, New York. Call 631-979-6344 for dates and times.


Discovering Nature
2 hours $7.00 per child
Children experience woodland and wetland habitats as they wander along the trails of the preserve. They observe and learn about local wildlife and how the natural world works. Each group of children participates at stations where they meet local reptiles, birds and mammals and the adaptations that help each to survive

Feathered Friends
2 hours $7.00 per child
This is an introduction to the world of birds. By observing our resident non-releasable birds, taking a close look at feathers and dressing in costumes, the children learn what makes birds different from other animals, and what adaptations are crucial in the life of each bird.

Butterflies and Moths
2 hours $8.00 per child
Discover the world of butterflies and moths and learn about the role they play in the natural world. Your class will meet these beautiful creatures under the microscope, in slides, posters, as preserved specimens and living in the wild. They will be given a butterfly craft to put together at the center or back at the classroom. Students will visit the gardens and/or the butterfly house. (Butterfly House is open late May through September).

Vertebrate Parade
2 hours $7.00 per child
Your class will be introduced to a parade of vertebrates as they learn about amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals as they find out what makes a vertebrate, a vertebrate, and learn the differences between the four groups presented. Students will meet a few members of each group and discover there are many differences even among similar animals.

Insects and Their Kin
2 hours $7.00 per child
Insects and their kin are some of the most common creatures on the face of the earth. Through hands-on activities, costumes and live and mounted specimens, children will learn what makes insects unique, their importance to human beings and the natural world and their incredible variety. Students can view a working bee hive when available.

Treasure of the Tropical Rain Forest
2 hours $7.00 per child
Children will discover the awesome diversity of life in the rain forest and begin to appreciate the wonders of this ancient ecosystem. Children will take a trek through a mock rain forest, meet live animals and take a visual journey through the life in its layers. An interactive game show is included upon request.

90 Minutes $7.00 per child
This program will introduce students to live birds of prey. They will meet owls, falcons, and hawks and learn about the adaptations that help these beautiful raptors survive. We will also discuss the raptorsí role as predators at the top of the food chain. Owl pellets will be dissected and examined.

Web of Life
2 hours $7.00 per child
Even the most common living things have some of the most amazing connections. Students will connect themselves into the Web of Life, follow a real estate agent around to assist them in finding homes for wildlife, and meet live animals to help them learn about the interdependency of all life.


Treasures of the Tropical Rain Forest
55 Minutes $6.00 per child
Students will discover the wonders of this unique ecosystem and the ominous future it faces. Through a slide presentation, live rain forest animals, and a treasure trove of products, students will learn the importance of one of the most diverse places on Earth.

55 Minutes $6.00 per child
Both live mammals and mounted specimens will visit your classroom to highlight the unique adaptations of mammals. Mammal habitats, survival techniques, senses, homes and various mammal life-styles will also be covered. Your students will enjoy describing how they feel as they touch our friendly rabbit, ferret, chinchilla, and special mammal guest.

55 Minutes $6.00 per child
For all living things, survival is the name of the game. Nature is a world of eat or be eaten, kill or be killed. Predators and prey have unique tools and behaviors that enable them to survive. Through skulls, live animals and stories, students will learn firsthand about the adaptations of predators and prey.

Reptiles and Amphibians
55 Minutes $6.00 per child
Live reptiles and amphibians are observed and compared during a cooperative learning experience that stresses observation and data collection. Survival strategies and natural histories of reptiles and amphibians are compared and discussed.

The World of Birds
55 Minutes $6.00 per child
What makes a bird a bird? Feathers, lots of feathers. Meet and touch a live chicken. Compare it to a live owl or hawk. Learn about songbirds, the mystery of migration, egg laying, nests, protective coloration and much more. Costumes may be used to aid in a discussion of specialized tools and characteristics of bird families.

Birds of Prey
55 Minutes $7.00 per child
Have live raptors visit your students. Students will meet owls, falcons and hawks and learn about the adaptations that help these awesome birds survive. Learn how humans are part of the picture, and how we can help. Students will learn each birdís stories about how they came to be at Sweetbriar.

Butterflies and Moths
55 Minutes $6.00 per child
Discover the world of butterflies and moths and learn about the role they play in the natural world. Your class will meet these beautiful creatures under the microscope, in slides, posters, and as preserved specimens.

Threatened Species
55 Minutes $6.00 per child
Live animals are brought into the classroom, each with its own special story. Topics discussed include endangered species, disappearing habitats, the exotic animal trade, conservation, and ways individuals can help. Visiting animals may include an iguana, a ferret, a chinchilla and a raptor.

Sweetbriar Nature Center offers educational opportunities for all ages, either at our nature preserve or at your facility. Whether you want your students to learn about metamorphosis and butterflies, explore the treasures of the tropical rain forest or examine predator/prey relationships, Sweetbriar has the program for you! Our programs are designed to involve participants through the use of live animals, hands-on activities and interactive experiences. It is our hope that all visitors will gain a better understanding and respect for the natural world. Programs are designed by educators to enhance and supplement the life sciences guidelines of the New York State science curriculum. Supplemental materials are provided both before and after each program.
Contact: 631-979-6344

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