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Long Island Lawyers and Attorneys


Long Island Lawyers and Attorneys


J. Anklowitz has been a practicing lawyer on Long Island for many years. He is deeply involved in the community at large and has a passion for fairness and justice.
He practices general business and commercial contract law, real estate, landlord/tenant, trusts and estates, and criminal defense. Mr. Anklowitz has represented large businesses, small businesses, and individuals. His representation has ranged from extremely complex securities and contractual matters to minor traffic offenses. His clients have consistently commented that he is extremely accessible, responds quickly and effectively addresses their concerns. When you need a local attorney to represent you, call him to schedule your consultation.
Criminal Defense

J. Anklowitz has a comprehensive practice encompassing New York state or federal charges. The firm’s practice includes the following areas:

- Traffic and Parking Infractions
- DWIs
- Drug Crimes
- Federal Criminal Defense
- Appeals and Post-Conviction Proceedings
- White Collar Crimes
- Gun & Weapons Charges
- Burglary, Robbery, Auto Theft
- Sex Offenses
- Misdemeanors, including prostitution, domestic violence, assault, shoplifting, unauthorized use of a vehicle, auto stripping, making graffiti, criminal trespass, and violations of orders or protections.


In the event a loved one becomes unable to make his or her own personal and financial decisions and no other alternatives are available J. Anklowitz will assist in all aspects of a Guardianship proceeding. He will explain to you the process and prepare the necessary paperwork to assist you and your family to help you better care for your loved ones.

A guardian is typically a family member or a close friend who will make decisions regarding health care, personal affairs and financial matters, including:

- Living arrangements;
- Routine medical treatment;
- Collecting and investing your assets;
- Spending income on any of your needs; and
- Protecting your assets for you to maximize government benefits

When properly used, a guardianship provides continuing care and management to those who need help with certain personal and financial matters. The continued court involvement provides added protection to everyone involved.

Landlord Tenant

J. Anklowitz represents landlords and tenants in all matters relating to litigation of landlord and tenant claims, including proceedings based upon claims of rent, warranty of habitability, holdover cases involving breach of lease, nuisance, commercial and office premises and many other areas.

As a skilled New York Landlord/Tenant Attorney, Mr. Anklowitz possesses the knowledge and expertise to provide the guidance you need to preserve your safe housing, protect your rights as a landlord or a tenant, and conduct your business.

Real Estate

J. Anklowitz advises individuals and businesses in the process of selling or purchasing real estate. This includes reviewing and preparing purchase agreements, title searches, and all other necessary tasks to reduce the potential risks inherent in real estate transactions.

Residential Real Estate in New York
Whether you are purchasing your first home, upgrading to a larger home, or selling your home, the transaction should be an exciting and rewarding experience. For those seeking residential real estate advice, Mr. Anklowitz can help you take the agony out of buying real estate in New York, and make certain that you have enough information to make informed decisions about your transaction.

Commercial Real Estate in New York
Whether you are purchasing or leasing, Mr. Anklowitz will negotiate fair and favorable terms and get you into your new space. He also works with his commercial clients on some development, land use, and zoning issues. He wants to make sure you get the most out of your purchase or sale.



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